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Samalani Orphanage

The orphanage is called Samalani Early Childhood Development Centre.

Samalani literally means looking after orphans, from newly born to toddlers.

They also would like to build a room, which could be used for several purposes such as education on aids prevention, family planning, meetings of parents so that they can discuss the evolution of their community, etc.

We feel particularly related to this project since it was organized by 12 ordinary people, 10 women and 1 man, who could no longer stand the situation in their country and who bundled their forces to give the orphans, who else would be doomed to die, a decent life.

What can we do for them?

We can further construct the building, windows, kitchen with pots and pans, furniture such as children’s beds, toys, etc.

The building is nearly finished, however, there is still a lot of work such as the water supply and 2 more class rooms.

We are on a regular basis informed on the progress of the Samalani orphanage.  In april there were 35 orphans in the unfinished building and in August 88.  The local people have a lot of confidence in our work and also thanks to your support we could continue constructing the building.  Now the main goal is ensuring the water supply, which should be handled on José’s next trip.  More information will follow upon her return.

There would also be a henhouse so that the children could eat an egg on a regular basis






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