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Baptist Clinic
Sponsored until 2009

The Baptist Clinic is a local hospital in Salima (one of the districts in Malawi).  Situated on the continent and close to the town of Salima facilities are remarkably better than on the isle of Chizumulu.

Yet, not even here a comparison to our Western hospitals can be made.

The sick have to get food from their relatives.

After the mango season, cholera often appears in October, November and December  All sick people are then assembled in one big shed to avoid spreading of the disease.

The small contribution for medical help we ask from the patients (e.g. for a delivery we ask a contribution of 100 kwacha (which is less than 1) can often not be paid.

Typically is the lack of resources and drugs.

We support this hospital by giving medication.  We visit the hospital on an annual basis at which time we can give our financial contribution.

In 2005 we donated 2 bikes with first aid trailers as well as 2 sphygmomanometers from Belgium (a hospital without sphygmomanometers!!!)

In April 2006 we bought another first aid bike, which was donated by a very nice lady called Frieda.

A lab is being constructed with a room for a dentist and for examination and care of HIV patients to which we contributed as well.

Furthermore, Merel Vergauwen, student in medicine, has started up a chicken farm with resources she collects herself.

We also started with looking after orphans.  The need is high.  There is ground available to build an orphanage.  We just lack the necessary resources.





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