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[Country map of Malawi]In 2003 the members of the current non-profit organization decided to support 4 projects financially and with equipment.  The choice was easily made.

The “Samalani Orphanage”, “Mackenzie School” “St. Peters Hospital” “Baptist Clinic” and "Future for a Child" got our full support.

In 2009 we decided to focus all our efforts for the children at Likoma Island. We stopped sponsoring the Mackenzie School and Baptist Clinic on the mainland. At Likoma Island we now support three ECDC's (Early Childhood Development Centre), "Samalani", "Madalitso" and "Kondwani"

We have visited each of the projects and have met each of the people who started them up.  Therefore we are convinced of the importance to the local population.

Furthermore, we support some local students by paying their tuition so that they can complete their secondary education with financial worries.






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