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VZW PROJECT MALAWI (non profit organisation)
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The non profit organisation PROJECT MALAWI was founded on 30 October 2004 and its main goal is “to develop, create and support, financially and economically some small scale projects in Malawi as far as education, healthcare, housing and general wellfare are concerned”.

The VZW is a private initiative and has been founded by some friends who have been helping out for a number of years. By combining forces we were able to support projects for a longer period.


Since a number of years the members of the VZW have supported Malawi. They incidentally got to know the country and its people during a holiday trip.

In November 1999 José Jacobs, the president of the VZW, joined a travel organisation “Strange Continents” on an exploration trip to Malawi. The destination was unique and the travel route as well as the way they travelled offered the opportunity to get to know a completely different culture and completely different people in an authentique way. Without exaggerating, it’s fair to say that the people who took part experienced the poverty of the local population from close by, but also and most of all the hospitality, warmheartedness and joy these people have.

Malawi is in principal a very poor country with only limited Western comfort. Outside the town people still live in clay huts, often without electricity, water or any other supplies. The few hospitals (or what has to be one) usually do not have enough medication.

The home base of the exploration trip (which still is our home base) is the establishment of Mr. and Mrs. Stuart and Esther Grant. Stuart Grant is an Englishman, an “ex-patriot” who as a young man at the time of the protectorate of the country by the UK looked for adventure in Malawi. As so many also he lost his heart in Africa and made his life there. Together with his wife Esther Grant whom he met there, he runs a nice company specialised in the international export of tropical fish (ciclids from Malawi, well known by aquarium enthusiastics). This way he provides employment for several local families. His wife Esther Grant is actively committed to the needs of her people and started several local development initiatives.

During this first tour, we got to know some families. As of the first contact we felt really close. Soon we decided to help these families. The first help we provided consisted in paying the tuition for one of the children. Cost was only €10 but the joy and happiness we received in return was too much for words.

This made a deep impression on José Jacobs who has closed this country and its population in her heart. Ever since she’s returned once a year to Malawi.

Initially the support consisted of material and financial support of some families. As she visited Malawi more and more, she also got more insight in the the needs of the population and the way she could help them best. She also got to know local initiatives that were really worth while supporting.

After a number of trips she decided to have some friends get acquainted with this peculiar country. They were very enthusiastic and some of them also lost their heart in Malawi.

Ever since we have dedicated ourselves to Malawi.

In October 2004 we decided to give some structure to the organisation which was formed by its members. The non profit organisation “Project Malawi” was born.






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